Ranida Labs announces new update for mobile fighting game Vita Fighters, out now on Google Play

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MANILA, Philippines — November 16, 2020 — Indie game publisher Ranida Labs today announced a new update for Vita Fighters, a one-on-one mobile fighting game created by solo developer AngryDevs. The game features a block-styled cast of fighters merged with anime characters, and emphasizes natural fighting game mechanics, intuitive controls, and a clean, simple art style. The new update includes two new characters, Lazarus and Ares.

Vita Fighters is now available on Google Play[2] and will come to iOS by the end of 2020.

Vita Fighters started off as a fan game created while keeping fighting game players’ expectations in mind, offering enough versatility for them to have fun and express themselves, even on a mobile platform. With the help of simplified touch controls, all moves can be performed with just a single button, or a combination of two, without compromising the game’s fast-paced action.

Game Features:

  • Fifteen playable characters based on different fighting game archetypes, with more to come
  • Nine stage backgrounds emulating a mix of pop-culture references
  • Boss battles involving legendary fighting game bosses
  • No swipe, no cooldown-dependent moves
  • Touch and controller support
  • Next-generation graphics

“As a fighting game player myself, I have a hard time looking for good mobile fighting games without swiping or cooldown mechanics,” said developer AngryDevs. “I really wanted to create a game where players can just look at the characters and somehow build an idea of how the characters play, where they will still be able to do what they can do in other fighting games albeit on a simple mobile platform.”

“I’m still expanding the game’s roster and will be adding additional characters,” added Angrydevs. “Even though it’s a solo project, the simplicity of the game’s style, gameplay, and animations makes this doable. More features will also be added over time so people can play the game in its most complete form on their phones.” 

For more information on Vita Fighters, please visit the game page on Google Play[3].
About AngryDevsA member of the BAYANI – Fighting Game development team at Philippines-based Ranida Games, AngryDevs independently developed Vita Fighters on his own time, emerging with an intuitive passion project that reflects the best mobile fighting games have to offer. Follow AngryDevs on Twitter[4].

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